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  • wwwmaster2000 started the conversation

    Hello. I just realized that Event Champ template is missing "ADD EVENT" feature for the "Subscriber" role. Is there any way to request that feature to be added? I understand that I can do it from WordPress Admin panel, but that's not what I am looking for. I need an event management site where events could be added by the users themselves. I'm not looking to resell events. I just need a site where users could add their events with all information about them and where to buy a ticket. And other users could search for those events. User's profile page would have a panel where those users who added their events would be able to edit them, delete add new ones and etc. Thank you for your reply.

  • wwwmaster2000 replied

    Look and feel of the site that I proposed could be identical to Event Champ. I mean look and feel of the Event Champ is great!

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    Gloria replied


    Do you want to use standart Event Champ theme? Don't you want to use WP panel for adding event?

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